Worthy Cuff Bracelet


Worthy Cuff Bracelet


worthy is a word that carries great weight. 

you were created in love and worthy of living that truth.

in a life that is lived for God, it is a word that reminds us of all that He has made us for. how do we show Him daily that we know the truth of His worth in our lives? 

this limited edition copper cuff bracelet is handmade with the intention to remind us of all that God is worthy of in our surrender, our praise, our adoration, our hearts, and ultimately our lives.

in wearing it may you be encouraged by the reminder that this same God who is worthy of all that is good, is the very God that lives within us through the Holy Spirit as disciples and believers.

He is righteous. He is worthy. He is with us. always.


product details:

brass or copper // one size fits all // measure 1/2" wide // 4mm lettering // handmade

care instructions:

brass and copper will patina and tarnish with wear. this is often a beautiful thing, making each piece unique in the way it changes color. some people love patina, others don't. to remove tarnish simply use a Z|W polishing cloth or liquid metal polish like Brasso and a soft lint free rag.

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