Horizon Coordinates Necklace [CUSTOM]


Horizon Coordinates Necklace [CUSTOM]


the custom Z|W horizon coordinates necklace is stamped front AND back with the GPS coordinates of any destination - allowing you to commemorate a special place you love and wear a piece of it in your everyday life.

whether it's a hometown, the place you got married, the city your family lives in, a location you've served on mission, an adventure waiting to happen or the country your spouse is stationed in - this custom necklace can immortalize it's special meaning in your life. they're stylish, subtle and significant. because that's how we roll.

**at checkout you will be able to specify your desired text in the section titled Notes / Special Instructions under Billing Info. you may also contact me directly via email at zellawoodsdesigns@gmail.com

product details:

silver: silver alloy on sterling silver chain // gold: brass on 14k gold-filled chain // 16" or 18" chain length // vertical pendant measures 1.5" x 0.25" // 3mm lettering // polished high-gloss finish // handmade 

care instructions:

brass will patina or tarnish with wear. this is often a beautiful thing, making each piece unique in the way it changes color. some people love patina, others don't.

to remove tarnish simply use the included polishing cloth or liquid metal polish like Brasso and a soft lint free rag. Renaissance Wax can be used frequently to prevent tarnish or as a sealant to protect the desired degree of patina.

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