Name&Date Cuff Bracelet [CUSTOM]


Name&Date Cuff Bracelet [CUSTOM]

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the Z|W name&date cuff bracelet includes the CUSTOM name and date of your choice.

commemorate people and dates that have changed your life. whether it's the name of your child and their birthdate or the name of a loved one who has passed and the year-span celebrating their life. 

the custom inscription isn't limited to names either. pick a word of encouragement and date that marks a milestone achievement - like a graduation or the victory of beating cancer! the possibilities are endless.

**at checkout you will be able to specify your desired text in the section titled Notes / Special Instructions under Billing Info. you may also contact me directly via email at

product details:

silver alloy, brass, or copper // one size fits all // measure 1/4" wide // 3mm lettering // handmade

care instructions:

brass and copper will patina or tarnish with wear. this is often a beautiful thing, making each piece unique in the way it changes color. some people love patina, others don't. to remove tarnish simply use a Z|W polishing cloth or liquid metal polish like Brasso and a soft lint free rag. 

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