GodZELLA Strikes Tokyo. #tbt

It's Thursday and in the land of social media that means #tbt. Personally, I have never thrownback before and captured the heart of this hashtag frenzy, so I thought there is no time like the present to try. I decided to throwback to that one time we took a two-year-old to Tokyo. And I'm glad I did. 

It's been a year this May that we took our now almost 3-year-old on her first overseas trip. We are blessed to have family in Tokyo that graciously housed us in the most lavish of hospitality - even volunteering to watch our daughter, Zella (hence the GodZELLA reference), so that mommy and daddy could have a date night in a foreign land. [Miko, if you're reading this, we still can't thank you enough!] It was a Godsend of a trip and one that I think of often; but not until a year later actually got the time to edit a few dozen pictures of. Thank you #tbt for the excuse to be a little selfish with my time for the sake of blogging. 

Traveling with a toddler is never easy. Depending on the child it can be much more difficult for some parents than others. We are lucky that Zella likes to travel - by plane, car, train, boat, bicycle, pony, and large-breed dog when available. By that age, Tokyo was already her fifth or sixth flight. She sleeps anywhere and entertains herself well. Being an only child with a mommy that works from home has helped her acquire these tendencies, no doubt. She has mommy's genes and that means her love of travel is innate - it's in her blood. 

Now, that is not to say there wasn't a sh** ton of crying, tantrums, meltdowns and the like; but all-in-all she did amazing and she LOVED to explore. Watching things through her eyes made the trip that much more exciting for mommy and daddy. Seeing her reactions to trying new foods, hearing different languages, and seeing buildings unlike anything she had ever seen before was exhilarating - for all of us!

The iPad was a total necessity. Trying to find a sippy-cup replacement when we realized we left her favorite Elmo cup at home was a total nightmare; and by home I mean America. And having a sweaty 2-year-old sleep on your lap in a crowded Economy Class seat for 13+ hours is not exactly a relaxing 'va-cay' experience. But watching your baby girl learn to eat with chopsticks (which she still does to this day), venturing into an unfamiliar culture with the love of your life holding your hand, and taking full advantage with a grateful heart of the invitation extended by family to take an adventure together - those are the kinds of memories that are worthy of #tbt. 

If you are considering of traveling overseas with your little ones, or anywhere for that matter, DO IT! Don't let the inevitable horrors of cranky toddler behavior detour you from the adventure!

Happy #tbt everyone!