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After discovering the story of the Saldana Family yesterday morning, my heart has been broken in ways I cannot comprehend for a family I have never met. Their 3.5 year old baby boy, Ryan Cruz Saldana, passed away last friday in a very tragic accident. As a mother, I know it could've been my own child. She has ran into the street despite me yelling and running after her. She has been just out of reach after bolting from the car in a parking lot. She has been lucky more times than I realize in her only 2.5 years. And in reading the story of Red Balloons for Ryan posted by Alissa Circle on her Diary of an Addict blog, I could physically feel my heart break for Jacqui and Dan Saldana.

I have reposted a slightly abridged version of her story below. As Alissa is a close friend to Jacqui and Dan, I feel it is far better to hear it in her very own words than what I could reconstitute as original content. 

All that I can add is what God has put on my heart. A few days ago I was finishing some custom orders for bracelets when I literally stopped what I was doing and created the Infinite Love Necklace. I had no idea where the design came from; it was not something I had intended to design or had any working idea of prior to that moment. God spoke it to my heart and I felt the urgency to make it. Now I feel like I understand part of His purpose behind the urgency I felt.

I have made a special edition 'RED BALLOON' version of the original Infinite Love Necklace design. $20 of every necklace purchased will be donated directly to the Saldana Family. The goal is to raise $1,000*!! 

Please help spread the love of this story, as Alissa has asked on behalf of Jacqui and Dan.

I know, with great conviction and confidence, that God can make light out of even this darkest of tragedies. Please join me in praying over the Saldana Family and all those whose hearts are involved in the loss of this precious life - may they grieve for the hurt their hearts feel today and in time rejoice for the joy their baby boy feels being held in the arms of Jesus. 



*once our goal of $1,000 donation is reached, $5 from every necklace sold thereafter will continue to be donated directly to the Saldana Family through the month of May. 

Red Balloons for Ryan

originally posted on MAY 5, 2014 BY ALISSA CIRCLE @ diaryofanaddict.co

I wish I knew how to begin writing this.
I’ve actually stopped and started over and over again.
How do you find the right words?
The hard truth is that there will never be the right words,
this is not something that can be packaged up into a bow.
There’s nothing beautiful, nothing serene.
Yet ever bit of it is screaming of a need to find hope.
A need to find peace.

A cry out to know that God will write more of this story.
That this will not define their story, but will define how they stand together united.
A need to find God in the midst of tragedy.
To know that His plan doesn’t always make sense to us.

Many of you know my best friend Jacqui, who blogs at Baby Boy Bakery.
We met almost 3 years ago and an instant friendship was born.
She is one of the strongest, loving, most incredible people I know.
And last year I was honored to stand next to her when she married her husband, Dan.

Last Friday night, while playing out front of a family members home,
Ryan was hit by a truck and went home to be with Jesus.
It all happened so fast and he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.
A simple excitement to grab the frisbee that had escaped into the road
was met with a tragic loss.

Today as I sat with Jacqui she gave me the honor of sharing her story.
Not the whole story, but just a slice.
A cracked window into a story that she needed to be told because she needs, they need, our support.
They need us to rally
They needs us to pray
to share
to love
to remember…
….. Ryan.

Let his loss not be in vain.
I need your help friends.
I know you may not know Jacqui, but she needs us now more than ever.
Will you unite with me?
Will you share her story?
Will you offer her comfort?

If you could take a moment, if you could take many moments…
and not just pray for them,
but join me in posting pictures of Ryan on your Facebook, your twitter, your Instagram feeds.
Post them that the memory of him can live on.
Post them to share in the love they had for their little boy.

I know we can do this.
I know we can pull together.
Will you grab a picture from Jacqui’s Instagram feed, and post it to yours?
Will you share words of encouragement and tag #RedBalloonsforRyan?
Also be sure to tag Jacqui, @babyboybakery and Dan, @danno12

I promised her that Ryan would not be forgotten,
we can make sure that doesn’t happen.
We can use our voices for good.
To tell a story,
of a little boy who loved life and his family,
who laughed often,
who loved to snuggle his mommy and daddy.
And to tell the story of two parents who are loving each other
strongly and beautifully through this tragedy, through this unexplainable loss.

With all that’s within me, and I know I’m probably not making sense anymore,
please share...