i heart this, and that. // Valentine's DIY

In preparation of our first Valentine's open house for Z|W, I got my DIY on and went to work on some handmade paper decor. Thanks to the inspiration of Ma and Pa Modern and Hank & Hunt Party Crafts, I took their directions for a heart shaped photo booth backdrop and made it my own. The most beautiful part is the process is so easy I did it with my mom and 2-year-old daughter to make it a family craft project that we all LOVED. 

These paper garlands are so simple and versatile. You can use them for birthday party decor, bridal shower or wedding photo back drops, over the crib mobile for your newborn, etc. Literally the possibilities are endless and the cost is minimal, WIN-WIN! Plus, they are easy to store and reuse. 

To save you time I have posted the modified process here from the original tutorial posted by Hank & Hunt. You will need: clear fishing line or cotton twine, heart or circle punch, card stock in fun colors or Valentine's themes, tape, and scissors.


Use the punch to punch out your shape of choice.  For the photo-booth set up, Hank & Hunt needed 20 garlands with 6 hearts each (using 6 colors needed 20 hearts of each color, plus a few extra to mix and match). For my display over our dining room table I only needed 10 garlands with 6 (2") circles per garland. 


Once all of your shapes are cut out, make sets of 6. Try and mix up the colors so each stack is a little different.


Measure the distance  from the ceiling to where you want the last heart to land. Cut your fishing line or cotton twine accordingly. I did 2 different lengths for variation. Tape one end of your line to a work surface like the floor or table top.  Pull each line taught before taping down the opposing end. Once your lines are taped, add each set of hearts by lining up the center of the heart underneath each line (about a foot apart for photo booth OR 4-5" for dining room table display). Repeat until you have all of your hearts under the lines. 


Then take a small piece of tape and attach each shape to the line. Using the red and white cotton twine, I double sided my cutouts mixing colored card stock papers and valentines' themed patterns. Simply use double-sided tape or a glue stick to adhere a backside.


To hang from the ceiling I simply used scotch tape. With our old school popcorn ceilings I didn't have any problems with that method, so a textured or smooth plaster finish should work well with just basic scotch tape as well.

To store and reuse your garlands keep them in a ziploc bag. Just fold each individual garland by stacking the shaped cutouts and wrapping the remaining fishing line or twine around the stacked shapes. This will keep them nice and tidy so they are easy to pull out and unwind when you are ready to use them again. 

Thanks Ma and Pa Modern for the inspiration and Hank & Hunt Party Crafts for the great tutorial!! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!